Polestar Pilates Mat

Taught by leaders in the Pilates industry, our educators desire to see you grow into the best teacher you can be.

Polestar Pilates Mat Teacher Training:

  • Teach you the unique potential of exercises performed on the Pilates Mat that will empower clients to move better and achieve their goals faster.
  • Give you confidence in understanding critical precautions and contraindications for special populations, including recommended modifications and substitutions.
  • Give you faster and more transformative results for your clients/patients by learning valuable assessment tools and step-by-step critical thinking skills that will ensure you can create a plan that works.
  • Teach you proven communication, cueing, and teaching methods that will help your clients not only be successful,  but feel successful in movement.
  • Include you as a part of the passionate family of Polestar Practitioners from all over the world.


  • Completion of Principles Online
  • Participation in 25 hours of group or private Pilates classes at any location. Training with a Polestar Instructor is encouraged but not required
  • Polestar Anatomy Course or completion of one semester of basic anatomy/physiology or equivalent