International Exam

The Polestar Pilates Comprehensive series introduces all of the aspects that is needed to become a well-rounded, professional Pilates Instructor.  This includes assessment, communication, teaching, demonstration and reassessment skills.  Polestar students are encouraged to take their Comprehensive Exam approximately 6-12 months after completing SR6.  This time allows for the practice needed to be competent with all of the didactic and practical material.

Written Exam:

The first part of the written test is a 50-Question Multiple Choice test. 

The second part of the written exam is the Case Study.  Based on a completed Screening or Evaluation, you will create your problem and goal list then three 1-hour exercise programs, beginning, intermediate and advanced.

In-person Practical:

Mat class: Teaching 2 mat exercises in a Mat class (a beginning/intermediate and an intermediate/advanced). Feedback is given to each participant on what was done well and what could be improved upon for the future.

Beginner session: 1-hour lesson for a new client who has never done Pilates before and wants to try it.

Advanced session: 1-hour high-intermediate to advanced session.

Advanced circuit class demonstration: a class for demonstration 20+ high-intermediate and advanced Pilates equipment exercises.