We are a global community of scholars, changing the world of movement by producing the best Pilates instructors and setting the gold standard in Pilates instruction.
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Moving the World for 30 Years

Polestar Pilates is a global community of movers focusing on whole body health, positive movement experiences, and the mind-body-spirit connection.

Our mission is to shape world health by making Pilates available to everyone. Joseph Pilates’s original work was much more than just exercise. Polestar expands on this by adding critical thinking, assessment, accessibility, energy medicine, and teacher training into its programs.

Founded in the United States in 1992, Polestar today is found in over 60 countries with teacher training sites located in nearly 40. We are at the forefront of Pilates education, leading the movement to spread the benefits of Pilates by producing the finest Pilates professionals in the world.

Founded by a PhD in Physical Therapy

With over 30 years of experience in rehabilitation and movement science, Brent is passionate about the power positive movement experiences have in changing the world.

Early in his career as a Physical Therapist he discovered the power and efficacy of Joseph Pilates mind-body work to expedite rehabilitation outcomes. This early testament to the power of the Pilates Method inspired him to create a program that merged the worlds of traditional rehabilitation with the mindful movement that Pilates provides. It also spurred the development of Polestar’s evidenced-based Pilates teacher training curriculum.

In an effort to add to the evidence of Pilates, Brent pursued a doctoral degree researching the impact of Pilates rehabilitation on chronic low back pain using psycho-emotional wellness and quality of life measures.

Brent is the creator and host of the Pilates Hour podcast, featuring case studies and in-depth reviews of movement science topics with expert guests from a variety of fields. Brent is an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in the DPT department in Miami, FL. He teaches as an adjunct professor in the Physical Therapy departments at the University of Miami, University of Southern California, and New York University.

Brent is dedicated to sharing Pilates with the world and is an active consultant for hospitals, universities, and wellness organizations internationally. He is also an avid public speaker, lecturing at health conferences and forums worldwide. Brent has always been deeply involved in community service and has volunteered on many boards within the community, profession and faith, in line with his desire to impact the world one person at a time.


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